Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 101 Goals to Complete in 1001 Days!

I'm going to give it a try, I am really excited by the idea of this. I hope to complete the 101 things in the next 1001 days. It was really hard to come up with 101, but I think I am happy with what I ended up with. These are in no specific order, and I think I might end up categorizing them later.
  1. Pray before dinner
  2. Potty train Molly
  3. Pay off a credit card (done August 2009)
  4. Get a new camera
  5. Have another baby
  6. Learn to can pears and salsa (half done, pears 9-09)
  7. Redue my sewing room
  8. Take a photography class
  9. Make a will
  10. Make a Christmas Yard Card
  11. Get a family portrait taken
  12. Plan a girls night for 3 months straight
  13. Swim 2 mornings a week for a month
  14. Replace 2 of the 8 windows that need to still be replaced
  15. Finally organize all the pictures into albums
  16. Touch up the paint from remodeling 5 years ago
  17. Copy all recipe onto recipe cards
  18. Go through all old magazines and organize articles to save
  19. Start another Bible study group
  20. Read 30 new books
  21. Get matching kitchen glasses
  22. Get new perscription glasses
  23. Find 20 thing (not clothes) to donate (0/20)
  24. Go to a dermatologist
  25. Move the piano downstairs
  26. Reconnect with an old friend
  27. Get passports
  28. Run/Walk a 5K
  29. Take a class with my husband
  30. Figure out how to get a cute header for my blog
  31. Do a active/exercise activity as a family every Saturday for a month
  32. Complete Molly's baby book
  33. Clean out and organize shed
  34. Plan a Christmas party with friends
  35. Eat a fruit or veggie with EVERY meal for 2 weeks
  36. Buy 1 ENTIRE new outfit, even jewelery and underwear
  37. Get a wedding album for our wedding pictures
  38. "Finish" the small decorating left in 5 rooms (1/5)
  39. Get ceiling fans for bedrooms (1/3)
  40. No TV for a week
  41. Overnight trip with Mom and Sister
  42. Loose 25 lbs
  43. Get website up and running
  44. Pay off 2nd credit card
  45. Go to a wine tasting
  46. Visit Stacy in Florida
  47. Volunteer somewhere
  48. Go to a comedy show
  49. Start Molly in gymnastics
  50. No fast food for a month
  51. Finally learn to play guitar
  52. Go to concert with Randal
  53. Mail 20 cards for no reason
  54. Get a new sewing machinge
  55. Take a sewing class
  56. Get new bike seats and helmets
  57. Organize seasonal activities
  58. Get a manicure
  59. Visit Sarah in Detroit
  60. Start texting (done 6-13-09)
  61. Go to Niagra falls
  62. Start $5 Fridays
  63. Replace VHS with DVD's
  64. Go out with all grandparents for lunch or dinner
  65. Drywall basement
  66. Paint front door
  67. Take Molly to Binder Park Zoo (done 6-17-09)
  68. Re-read all Harry Potter books (5/7)
  69. Get 1 perfect song on guitar hero
  70. Plan get together with Randal's family
  71. Plan get together with my family
  72. Organize bookmarks on computer
  73. Do an act of kindness at Christmastime
  74. Send all family and friends b-day cards in 2010
  75. Make 5 of my own tutorials on my blog
  76. Fill in end of driveway
  77. Dig out island in yard
  78. Take a vitamin everyday for atleast a month (0/31)
  79. Get fish for tank
  80. Wash face every night for a month (0/31)
  81. Get rid of unused holiday decorations
  82. Volunteer at church
  83. Send Nicole care packages when she starts college
  84. Blakctop back driveway
  85. Make chalkboard for shed
  86. Get new dishes
  87. Order vinyl for door
  88. Complete book club
  89. Make girls hairbows
  90. Blog makeover with button, header, and signature
  91. Take a cake decorating class
  92. Fertilize grass summer 2010
  93. Get rid of cement pile
  94. Make bean bag game for Molly
  95. Make cornhole game
  96. Start Etsy shop
  97. Have a garage sale
  98. Throw a BBQ
  99. Use notebook to organize blog ideas (done 6-12-09)
  100. Take Molly to visit Sena
  101. Redue address book onto computer


  1. So what are you going to sell on Etsy???? I have been kinda playing around the idea of making things to sell on etsy...but Mike would probably kill me if I started another thing! :)

    What is a Christmas Yard Card?
    30 you have any in mind? I am looking for a new book! I'm thinking I might try reading the shack...but haven't started it yet.

    Is your etsy shop the other website you want to get going?

    Don't start's addicting! LOL

    This is a great list! I need to re-read mine to figure out what else i need to first it seemed that it was all consuming and i wanted to get as much done as I could, but now I have kinda forgotten some of the things I had written...I'm excited for you to be able to cross things off! :) That's my favorite part!

  2. Yeah, I like #46 :) We will have a blast! This website is awesome, I'm going to email my friends with kids, they will love it!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :) I hope you continue to do so!

    This is an awesome idea!! I will start something like it on my blog.. LOVE IT.. I did the new years resolution divided by category, however I didnt numbered them... I LOVE LOVE the idea of getting a "check mark" with each completed thing! :)

    By the way, email me 3littleflowers at gmail dot com about #30... I make blog headers (among other stuff), and I can make yours for 15 or 20 bucks depending of what you want...

    Im also your girl for #43, #53 and #90!